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by Marcia Lynn

Featured Restaurants and Restaurant News at Myrtle Beach Magazine

There are so many restaurants on the Grand Strand that one family wouldn't likely be able to eat at all of them in a lifetime.

Keeping up with restaurant openings and closings, as well as changes in management, chefs, and menus, is a full-time job.

I don't pretend it's my full-time job, so I give it my best shot, with the help of many contributors who email or call to let me know about some of the latest restaurant updates.

Myrtle Beach restaurants downtown

The pavilion may have relocated to Broadway at the Beach, but there's still stuff happening downtown, and there are still great places to eat.

Check out this recommendation (by me) for Marvin's Restaurant that ran in a short segment on episode 18 of the myrtle beach TV show on FOX recently.

I ordered the BBQ plate, which came with coleslaw and fries, I believe. Since I had my fill of carbs earlier that day, I told them to hold the fries...

The BBQ and the slaw were both absolutely perfect -- and I'm pretty dang picky about BOTH. So I HIGHLY recommend you try this place. If their BBQ and slaw are both this good, I'm looking forward to trying more of their choices in the near future.

And luckily, Marvin's is open year-round, 7 days a week.

The Brentwood has new owners

The popular fine dining restaurant in Little River, the Brentwood Restaurant on Luck Avenue, has changed owners.

Mary Martin, Executive Director of the Little River Chamber and District Governor of the Rotary Club, talked with the new owners at a chamber business after hours at Pat & Mike's Irish Pub recently.

They're definitely making some changes, but they all sound pretty dang good to me.

Watch the video of the two of them on Myrtle Beach TV.


If you have any dining updates you'd like others to know about, please send an email to the publisher. Thanks!